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ELEVATE is powered by AFFLINK, the global leader in procurement and supply chain solutions. With over 200 suppliers and 350 local distribution partners at more than 430 servicing locations across the country, AFFLINK customers are supported by the largest, most diverse network in the industry. But what truly sets AFFLINK apart from other supply chain organizations is their dedication to customer experience.

By leveraging information technology, AFFLINK’s supply chain consultants deliver innovative process and procurement solutions to help businesses uncover opportunities in their facility that will help them save money, become more efficient and ultimately — meet and exceed business benchmarks.

ELEVATE was developed by AFFLINK to support this endeavor. In 30 minutes or less, ELEVATE creates a snapshot summary of key procurement and supply chain findings that are completely unique to the user. This single-page summary will serve as a roadmap, guiding the user toward a more efficient and accurate sourcing and procurement process. Once users realize their cost savings potential, they are able to to have one of AFFLINK’s supply chain consultants convert their new insight into tactful action to achieve complete optimization.