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The health and prosperity of commercial business is measured by many vitals, including cost-efficiency, product or service quality, reputation, and work environment. With so many priorities weighing down the odds of success in a globally competitive market, commercial procurement solutions are becoming widely recognized as a major necessity for businesses in this sector.

ELEVATE was able to identify our business objectives and offer helpful reports that resulted in real world savings for our facility

- Frantz Building Services

With little time to waste, ELEVATE guides users through a quick interview and questionnaire to collect information about which business priorities are most important and how the office supply chain is currently managed. Users are then able to select a commercial floor plan similar to their own, and virtually tour the facility, room by room, to view product opportunities that align with their business priorities, including office supplies, break room disposables, lavatory products, janitorial supplies and more. Once finished, ELEVATE converts the information into a single-page summary that clearly outlines cost savings possibilities as well as commercial procurement solutions.

By understanding procurement behaviors as they relate to business priorities, commercial businesses are empowered to make educated, cost-effective purchasing decisions, streamline their office supply chain, and cut the cost of overall operations. Work environments become healthier and more productive, product or service quality is stabilized, and commercial businesses are better able to serve their target markets.