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Procurement in the healthcare industry is complex and rapidly changing. The greater control over cost and quality a facility has, the better able it is to create a positive patient experience. With healthcare procurement solutions like ELEVATE, hospitals and clinics have the opportunity to gain invaluable insight about their current purchasing trends and habits to identify cost savings and product opportunities.

Through ELEVATE, we were able to consolidate from 113 can liner sizes being used to just 54—bringing us a documented 20% in savings.

- Adventist Health System

With ELEVATE, users are guided through a brief, initial interview to determine the business priorities that are most important to their individual facility: hygiene, cost, image, productivity or sustainability. Next, the user participates in a virtual walk-through of a healthcare facility to view numerous procurement solutions for medical supplies, lavatory products, hand sanitizers, facility maintenance supplies and more, all of which align with their specific business priorities. A final questionnaire section collects information about the facility’s healthcare supply chain management. Once completed, ELEVATE produces a snapshot summary of cost saving opportunities as well as a preferred products list.

With this heightened level of visibility, healthcare facilities have the information they need to make educated, cost-effective procurement decisions based on the priorities that matter most to their individual practice. In doing so, ELEVATE optimizes healthcare supply chain management by reducing vendors, and standardizing and simplifying the procurement process. The result is a lean, tactical practice that’s better able to serve patients.