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Image and reputation is everything in hospitality, which makes procurement for these businesses a unique challenge. Without an efficient hospitality supply chain, many hotels, restaurants, C-stores and casinos struggle to align their procurement process with pricing, brand, and quality expectations. ELEVATE is a hospitality procurement solution designed to improve your supply chain strategy by delivering greater insight into current trends, habits, and key considerations.

Through ELEVATE, we were able to identify ineffective processes across our 32 locations and implement a nationwide plan for supply chain efficiency.

- Sun Country Airlines

The software asks users to answer questions about their business priorities and current supply chain management strategy to identify primary concerns. Next, users partake in a virtual tour of a hospitality facility relevant to their own where they click room-by-room to view procurement solutions that relate to their business priorities. Solutions may include food and beverage disposables, sanitation supplies, linens, and more. At the end, ELEVATE delivers a single-page summary outlining business priorities, cost savings opportunities, and products that align with both.

With greater insight into product acquisition as it aligns with business priorities, establishments will increase the accuracy of their inventory and reduce costs. ELEVATE also optimizes the overall hospitality supply chain, which promotes a strong, consistent brand image and eliminates the confusion of hospitality procurement.