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The industrial sector has become a globally competitive market wherein, margins are tight, contenders are highly zealous and survival has everything to do with controlling costs without compromising quality. ELEVATE is the industrial procurement solution businesses need to optimize their supply chain and maintain front-runner status.

By using the supply chain analysis tool, ELEVATE, we were able to realize our company goals, consolidate orders, and reduce spending by 6%.

- Peterson Spring Corporation

With a brief interview and questionnaire, ELEVATE collects critical information about which business priorities are most important to your industrial operation and how your industrial supply chain is currently being managed. Next, users select a facility similar to their own, click room-by-room through its floor-plan, and view industrial procurement solutions that directly correlate to their business priorities, including sanitation stock, packaging solutions, production floor equipment, and other supplies. When finished, ELEVATE provides a snapshot summary of its findings to illustrate cost saving opportunities and industrial procurement solutions.

With customized insight into procurement habits and opportunities, industrial facilities position themselves to make educated, cost-effective purchasing decisions based on the priorities they deem most important. Increase inventory accuracy and eliminate last minute ordering, duplicate orders, or excess supplies. Reduce total cost of operations, satisfy sustainability objectives and ultimately, optimize your industrial supply chain to gain a competitive advantage.